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Wandered here on a network
20:34, 2010-Sep-6

Wandered here on a network and has come across a dating site with Russian women. Simply super! Such beauties it appears in Russia live. I have decided to look at all galleries with girls, and it is a lot of them. Blondes, brunettes, it is possible to sort by the countries. Still there is a top - the most beautiful Russian brides there are collected. Was registered, has got acquainted with the girl by name of Anna. She from Moscow - "Heart" of Russia. I was subdued by her beauty and an openness in dialogue. We communicate with her not only through mail, but also through a web the chamber. Now relations develop very well, I plan to go soon to Russia to meet my beloved. Here and so happens that dating sites really help people to find each other and to construct relations. Convince yourself.

Russian Bride

Find your Russian Lady

Private photos of Russian girls
10:58, 2010-Sep-8
Russian girls photo #1

russian hot girl Mila

The girl Is lovely innocence and cleanliness. From her marvelous eyes it is impossible to take away a sight. The young breast and asks, that her fucked. In a word sex a bomb!

Ann photos

Ann photos

Anna - an embodiment of the Russian beauty. A sensual sight, long magnificent hair, the big elastic breast and certainly the elastic juicy bottom. Often it appears that such Russian beauties don't have guys. And here we go into action...

I have resulted some photos and have told about delights of Russian girls. Don't trust me? You can be convinced of it. Get acquainted with one, and can several Russian girls on a dating site specified more low.

Russian brides
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Russian Teen Fucking
10:17, 2010-Sep-8

The man has got acquainted with the very young girl and has persuaded her on sex. The girl long didn't resist and has given in buttocks. Then she has sat down on his member from above and has started to skip on him as the cowboy.

Home porn of Russian students
09:59, 2010-Sep-8

After employment the young pair of Russian students has decided to have sex, while houses nobody was.
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The story about Russian girls and women.
21:39, 2010-Jan-23
The story about Russian girls and women ;)

It is usually accepted that if necessarily blonde with long hair and blue eyes, the long-legged beauty is a question of the Russian girl, it. It is only developed stereotype. Russian girls, whether it be the blonde or the brunette - all of them are good themselves and it is the fact. In Russia many pretty girls as shows the statistican, girls are more than guys and is frequent it is problematic to find to itself of the worthy partner so began popular to marry foreigners, especially Americans. Is not present in it there is nothing bad, I consider. Such girls are worthy the best. Russian girls also are harmonous and clever also economic, simply super! But is at them and negative qualities, but about it in a following post....

cool russian girls

My boyfriend
17:24, 2009-Nov-25
this happened last year. i started goin out with a group of friends out to parties. i met a guy and then 2 months i started dating him. but we really werent like all into each other. i mean at least i wasnt. i would only go out with him on weekends. but during the week i didnt want to deal with him. so one sunday we went to the Fox (a club) and then i saw this guy! soon after i would notice him everywhere when i would go out. and he would also notice me. he would just stare at me! and i would also stare at him! when we would just stare at each other it was like the world stayed still. jiji. then well obviously i broke up with that annoying boyfriend i had. everytime ii would go out i would notice him. so my birthday party was coming up and my friends and i were posting my birthday party everywhere! and guess who came to my party! he did. so i saw him and i had the guts to go up to him and talk to him. he got my number of course. but when he text me he forgot to delete his signature. he had a girlfriend. so i kind of stopped payin attention to him for a bit. so we text once in a while. but then he started gettin my attention again. we were just friends right.he told me he didnt really like his girlfriend.he envited me to a party. but when i got there his girlfriend was there. he ignored his girlfriend that was right next to him and would just stare at me. his girlfriend got mad and told him to go with me. so he said ok. so we started talking (i dint care about his girlifriend) then one day i went to c him at his school and we kissed. then the same day i asked him to dump his girklfriend if he really liked me. a week went by and we started dating. and now we have 7 months and he are planning to get married next year. when i first saw him i knew he was goin to be mine. and now im just so happy

My all, my love
17:15, 2009-Nov-25
This is all true. Every word, every tear, every flutter he brought to my heart.

I was unhappy. I mean, REALLY unhappy for quite a long time. Of course I always had my wonderful friends that either supported me or tried to despite my lack of strength, and for things I have seen and lived, it took a hell of a lot to keep me afloat. I do not want this to be a tale of self pity, but I must tell every detail that led up to "him". During the month of April 2006 I was choked and raped by someone I was dating at the time. The aftershock of this event forever changed the course of my life. Shortly after the incident I was let go from my job. Apparently I was "mentally unstable" as they put it (which I was not), therefore I found myself hunting for another job. A very dear friend of mine suggested I apply to where she worked at the time, so I tried my luck and it so happened that they liked me. I started my job in June of 2006, and 2 months later he arrived. I remember it so incredibly well, I was sitting in the employee cafeteria talking with my co-workers and I saw him standing, his back to me. I had not seen his face and yet I knew there was something about this person that would shake me and my world which was finally stable after years of abuse on different levels. He turned around and I saw...I saw his beautiful eyes and I fell in love. I could not comprehend what I felt, but I knew it was right. The thing that took me a while to realize was that if I had not gone through the terrible things that were forced on me, I would never have wound up at a new job. I would never have met him. I would not be who I am today, and I am grateful for that.

8 months later our friendship graduated from small talk to regularly spending lots of time together. I was secretly obsessed with him because of his good looks and painfully shy disposition; I was fascinated. One day he called me a few hours before going in to start his evening shift at work. He wanted to show me some new clothes he bought and needed my opinion. I had just started my period and I always have painful cramps usually every month. He arrived, opened my apartment door and found me in my bed, resting. He asked me what was wrong and I told him my stomach was hurting, not wanting to go into details. He sat beside me on the bed and started to gently rub my stomach to try to appease the pain I was feeling, and I immediately felt better. I asked him if he would show me his new clothes and he said "It does not matter. I want you to feel better first."

That was it. It was the validation of the inexplicable feelings I had towards this man.

One week later we decided to try dating, although we never gave our relationship a chance to be casual; we immediately connected and saw the potential we had as a unit. Since that day, July the 4th 2007 at 3:30 in the morning, we have been living together and loving each other. Three weeks later, he promised that he would marry me and love me forever, and I truly believed him. On March 2nd 2009 he got down on one knee and proposed to me, just as he promised.

I have been trying to write the perfect sentence that describes how I feel about him and I am simply unable to. I feel like I cannot do justice to the love I feel for him. He knows absolutely everything about me and I him, and he still surprises me with his understanding and patience and honesty. Of course like any couple we have had our ups and downs throughout our relatively new relationship, but it keeps getting better everyday. No matter what happens he has always said "It is okay. We will be okay because we have each other, and that is all that matters."

He tells me that I saved him, gave him life. He says he loves me everyday, and when I am sick and feeling awful he tells me I am the most beautiful person he has ever seen. He kisses my shoulder when I sleep facing away from him to remind me he is still there next to me. He writes me notes with simple words that say everything. He tells me that everything is better when I am around, and without me he would be lost. He laughs at my bad jokes and dries my tears when I cry.

He allows me to be myself, only better.

I will always love you, forever, with all of my heart and soul.

- For V.



Success Stories
18:37, 2009-Nov-23
Robert And Svetlana

Ukrainian girl Svetlana and Robert Hello, thank you for wanting to know more about me and Svetlana. I must say at this time i can not send any wedding photographs. I travel very much and have not had time to scan any of the Photos from our wedding onto my work computer. But here is our storyand a picture i have on my telephone from Her birthday.

Around March of 2007 I was just looking around at the website just to see if anyone there caught my attention. This is when i saw Pictures of Svetlana. Today i do not know what attracted me to her. After a couple of weeks looking at her pictures i decided to write her a letter just to see if she would respond to me. The very next day i received a letter from her. This was the beginning of something beautiful. She was every thing i was looking for in a woman and much more. for almost a year we wrote letters and spoke on the telephone with the help of a translator.

In february of 2008 i made the first of many visits to Ukraine. I stayed for about a month. At the airport we were very nervous and did not know what to expect from the other. I must say it was as if i had known Svetlana for many years. With the help of a simple electronic translator and a dictionary. we began to learn more about each other. That first visit was very frustrating at times because of the language barrier, but we over came this problem. Before i had to leave i Asked her if she wanted to marry me and of course she said yes. A couple of months later i returned to Ukraine and we made our engagement offical with her family and son. During the year of 2008 i visited for more than 6 months of the year.

During My last visit which began in September, We were married on November 29, 2008 in a very traditional Ukraine wedding. This was the day My angel Became my wife. I must admit i have attended weddings in America, but never have i had such a wonderful and Fun filled 2 days in all my life. From paying family friends and neighbors to get thru the gate of her mothers house. then Paying her brother and Aunt Extra money to not receive her cousin who was dressed in a wedding dress just to get into the house. All the traditions before, during and after the wedding were just wonderful. Of course riding her mother and Uncle around the Neighborhood in a wheel barrel Selling shots of vodka and candy to everyone who passed was the funniest thing i have ever seen. I must say that without the help of everyone at the website and the agency we would not be married today. Since our wedding i have returned to America for my work. We are currently awaiting our final visa documents so Svetlana and our son Sasha can join me and my 2 children in america.

I can not stress more to anyone thinking about looking to Ukraine or russia for their soul mate, that they must make the effort to learn the language and learn the everyday life of the lady they want to be with. I found that Russian is a very good start to commuicate with your lady, but until you go and visit for an extend amount of time and want to learn about her culture and language you will always have problems. Over the last 2 years my Russian and Ukrainian has gotten pretty good. I even began to not stand out on the street as an American. When men and women begin to start conversations with you on the street or ask you questions about where something is located you know you are starting to fit into their everyday life. Everyone must remember Ukraine is a different country with many different cultures and traditions that many people just would not understand.

Thank you very much, Robert And Svetlana

Elena and Morten

love story of Elena and Morten Hello! My name is Elena! I am very grateful to you for the meeting with Morten. I was so happy to meet him. He is a wonderful man. I have been surprised that I have found such a good and kind man in this world. I was waiting for him for years. I didn't expect to meet such a nice man. But Morten is the best man in this world. He has felt me from the first minute. I think that it is very important for any relations to feel each other. It seems that we know each other for years. Our meeting was very nice and interesting. It was so good to spend a few days with Morten. We spent only a few days together. But they were enough to understand that he can make me happy. I think that he is my ideal man. He is my destiny. He is my love. And he can be my future. And these were the best and the happiest days in my life. I enjoyed my time with Morten. We went for walks to the parks. We went to the romantic cafes. We took the photos. It was so good to hold his hand. It was so nice to look into his eyes. I think that he has very beautiful eyes. I am full of positive emotions. And we are going to develop our relations. I am very happy that this site has given me such an opportunity to find such a good man. This photo is the proof of it. I am so happy now! Thank you very much! Everything is great in my life because of my Morten. I am happy to have such a man in my life! This is wonderful that you help people to meet their happiness. You do a big work! Thank you for your help very much!

Anna and Howard

wonderful story of Howard and Anna Let me tell you a wonderful story of my meeting with the fabulous man whose name is Howard. We have been corresponding for a long time. Our correspondence gave us the idea that we were suited for each other. Personal meeting was our common desire. We met each other in Kiev in July. The weather was warm. As warm as our feelings were. We spent a good, fantastic time together. The city of Kiev was friendly to us. We walked along the streets of this magnificent city holding our hands and feeling happiness in our hearts. This city was friendly for us. It have us happiness of being together. It was our friend; it was the evident of our love and understanding. We visited many places of interest. Pecherskaya Lavra made a great impression on both of us. That place made our hearts beat faster. We went to several good restraints and tasted different cuisines. It was a real pleasure for us to taste different tastes together. I wanted to cook by myself. I had a great desire to show my man my cooking abilities. We went to the zoo and we were glad to be there like children. It was so pleasant for me to experience life together with Howard. We were both satisfied with the days which were spent by us together. We were cheerful and we were happy.

We were both satisfied with our personal meeting. And we are sure that we have made the first step to being together in future. We are suited for each other. We are a good match. And we are both sure in it. I am lucky that I had the chance to meet such a wonderful man with the help of this site. People working on it had made really a good job.

Rik and Daria

Story of russian girl Daria Rik and I started our correspondence in March 2008 using Delia agency's services, who specializes in Russian girls wanting to meet Western men and who cooperated with Anastasia International.

Interpreters and translators were of great help to us in building our communication. As it was highly interesting for us to communicate through these girls who are excellent translators, we soon made a decision to meet. Luckily Rick managed to come to Lugansk, Ukraine for further acquaintance for four days (from June 8 till June 11, 2008). He arrived at Donetsk airport but lived in a rented apartment in Lugansk. We were provided with an interpreter and her assistant who helped us to better understand each other. After that meeting we understood that we longed to be together and there was no doubt we wanted to get married. Our second meeting was on the 22nd of August the same year when Rik came to Ukraine for four days again. The agency again helped us with everything.

Now Rik and I are so impatient to receive a fianc? visa for me to go to the USA to get married there. I'm very grateful to destiny that I came to the agency and met my love there!

Kind regards, Daria

Tatiana and Robert

Russian Girl Tatiana and Robert are thinking about wedding Dear Anastasia,

Through your agency I found the love of my life. Your service was excellent. The assistance given to me by all your agents was very good. The help I received with the first phone calls and later on from the charming girl Olga, and other employees of the agency who helped my newly found love was beyond words, simply perfect. This weekend she translated for us and she did a magnificent job. The way she handled me and my Tatiana was great and lively, better than any other service I have known.

Thank you very much for everything. The wedding day will be set for September and Olga is invited.

Kind regards,
Tanitschka and Robert

Elvira and Nicholas

Love story of Russian woman Elvira and Nicholas My name is Elvira, and I'm sure I'm only one of many Russian girls to tell a similar tale. Our love story started when Nicholas and I began corresponding via the agency who specializes in helping Russian girls like me find someone special.

First we tried to get to know more about each other. No matter how strange this sounds, neither Nicholas nor I had high expectations of our initial correspondence. Then, later when we started talking on the phone almost every day I felt something special towards him. I think at that time he also understood that I could be his special one. We decided to meet.

Our meeting was so special. He invited me to spend time with him in Thailand. It was really a great time and I think there is where we first felt chemistry between us. Then, he came to my city to meet with my parents and to spend some time with my family. Next time he came to Odessa as my fianc?
Now I am going to visit his place and to meet his family. I am really happy and I can say that now I know what love is. I want to wish all people to meet their love and to become happy!

Sincerely, Elvira


Our Little Scecret
18:47, 2009-Nov-22
Slowly caressing my body, looking deep into my eyes. He whispered “I want you” with that killer smile. Leaning me up against the wall nibbling on my ear and then softly on my neck. I moaned and said to him “take me”. Slowly and passionately he kissed me easing off my shirt making his way down to my erect nipples. Taken the right one in hand and the left in mouth, my head leaning back I moaned softly. Going lower he then unzipped my pants while kissing around my navel. Sliding out my pants while he putting kisses on my thighs. It felt beyond amazing with the rolling of my eyes. Easing my panties off he started tasting me. With one leg on his shoulder I moaned a little louder.

His tongue fucked me like no other. With the in and out motion I swayed my hips while biting down on my bottom lip. “Just like that daddy” I moaned as he increased speed. Working his tongue pushing deep within me. “MM. daddy yes right there make me cum” with that in mind he when deeper, within seconds I came all in his mouth he sucking up all my juices. He then stood up and kissed me with my back against the wall. We quickly switch places with me down on my knees.

Licking up and down his staff and stroking with my right hand he let out a soft moan. Twirling my tongue around the tip of his head ready to take him in. I then slid is erect dick between my hungry lips sucking him slow then fast while he wiggled his hips. “Damn girl suck that dick,” he said which made me work faster. He pushed himself deeper into my mouth feeling all the wetness. “Oh shit yea like that” while he holding my head. “Fuck girl IM cumming” just a few seconds after, all on my chest he placed his sweet cum.

Lifting me to my feet replacing his dick with his tongue and kissing me. With both hands on my ass he lifted me on his dick slowly sliding me up and down his 8 in dick. With every stroke he goes deeper feeding my wet pussy all of his meat. Laying me down on his desk still stroking his dick he says, “ toot that ass up fa daddy” and that I did. With each stroke came a slap while he grabbing my ass. Going faster in my hot wet pussy im gasping. “You like this dick girl” “MmHmm” is all I can get out oh my god it felt so good im glad I decided to stay.

“Climb on top girl” so I slowly sat on his dick bouncing up and down with his hands on my hips. I rode his dick so good he was crying out “oh baby”. I stopped bouncing and started to slow grind on his dick “ ooh u like that daddy, you want me to go faster” he didn’t respond he just moaned. Then his knees locked up and his body started shaking. As I climb off with his dick in his hand he started stroking his dick fast. Seconds latter he came allover my chest yet again.

Picking up my cloths in disbelief I just fucked my English teacher. Interrupting my thoughts “ maybe we should do after school studying more often Ms. Oliver” yea maybe Mr. Jones but I gotta get going see you Monday” “ okay Tamia drive safe”. Walking out the class kinna sacred I just had sex with my married 12th grade English teacher. The strange thing is I liked it. Hurrying home cause I was spending the weekend with my mom who just got back from her honeymoon with my new step dad, which I never met. Pulling up in the driveway next to my dad’s SUV walking in the house. “Hey dad” “hey little lady” “dad stop calling me that im 17 not 7” “yea I know sweetheart, your mom called she on her way she’ll be here in 30mins”. “Alight dad” kissing him on the cheek and going to my room locking my door.

All I seem to think about is Mr. Jones kissing and stroking my pussy made me wonder who else in our class was he fucking. Minimizing my thoughts my brother Tamar was knocking “what’s up” “can I come in” “ hold on a moment” unlocking my door he walked in “ so what Jones wanted” damn I forgot I told him I was staying after class. “Oh had to rewrite a paper” “ and it took that long” “ he was showing me new ways to write it” “oh all right” my brother knew I was lying we are very close try 2min apart close. “What ever Tamia I see right threw you” “get out my room Tamar”. Grabbing my bag looking in the mirror “am I a ho for sleep with Jones?” walking out my room down stairs my mom pulled in the driveway.

“Hey ma” “hey girl” she said giving me a hug, then running to my brother to hug him. “ So yall ready?” “Hold up Tina can I kiss n hug my kids bye” my moms eyes go so big. She hasn’t seen my dad in a long time and he had change cause just like her he was dating as well. “Wow Eric you look good” “ thank you, now the two of you have fun and behave” “ we will dad” walking to get in my moms Honda and we was on our way. Breaking the silence “ im having baby” “say what” Tamar yelled. “ A baby im 2 months exciting rite.” “Yea mom exciting” I said with a smile.
Pulling up to this 2-story house I got out. “Damn ma u living like this” “yes girl 4 bed rooms”. Walking around the house me and Tamar looking amazed. “Dang ma this nice” Tamar said sitting his bag in his room. Moments latter the door opened. “Baby im here” walking down stairs I didn’t think i could of been even more surprise. When the man turned to me with his hand out. It was no other then my 12th grade English teacher Mr. Jones with that killer smile. Giving me a friendly hug he whispered, “ our little scecret and I still want you.” That’s when I passed out!


Russian Cheerleaders
18:33, 2009-Nov-22
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If your sweetest dream is to marry a single Russian women, than our site is the right place for you to start with!
18:28, 2009-Nov-22
Mature Russian Ladies

The thing that makes our site different from other Internet marriage agencies dealing with "Mature Russian brides" is that we provide real dating services. We do not sell emails or any information about our clients. Here you can use one of the safest ways of dating a Russian bride in the Internet.

The site has many useful features to help you find your Russian lady, and it has multi-level anti-scam program.

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2. Be active - show yourself as a confident and energetic man as you certainly are. Write letters. The best number is 40-50. It will allow you to see who you are comfortable with, who will be interested in you. Read about your first letter to Russian ladies here.

3. Communicate with several Russian ladies you like. See if they answer your question, if you are comfortable with them. You won't know what to say with some of them, but you will instantly find some topics with others. Read about compatibility here.

4. Do not make the communication by letter long. Russian ladies mostly do not like it. They are affair that it will come to nothing and an Internet love will never become a real one, but they are seriously minded and want to have a husband, not a pen pal. Ask for a telephone number and phone her.

5. If she has children ask her about them, ask her about her pets, about family values. Tell her about your children. Ask important points about family relationship, about children upbringing

6. If you really like her after telephone calls and letters, if you wait for the time to phone - do not waste time, do not make the time destroy something that began to grow between you - Come to Russia and meet her personally. Live in the hotel , not in her place, let love flourish. If you feel that you both want it, you can move to her place from hotel with time.

7. Try to arrange the next meeting as soon as possible or make arrangements to marry her.


Here's a short story for your entertainment for hardcore stories
18:22, 2009-Nov-22

Jane was going to make something of herself. At age 24, she was determined to get through law school and become a corporate lawyer. Nothing else matter to her. Other people were merely puppets that existed only to help her reach her goal. Her beauty was merely a tool that she used to get others, especially men, to do her bidding. Unfortunately for Jane, the tables were just about to turn on her. Jane was like a hellcat around the law school library. She would make impossible demands on the library staff, and treated them all with contempt. After six months of this treatment, the staff was ready to strike back with vengeance. "Where are the books that I asked to be put aside for me," screamed Jane, "You people are all morons, how will I pass my exam if I don't have my books?" A young man who was the subject of her barrage remained calm though her tirade. Tom was used to her tantrums. But today, it seemed like he was almost trying to upset her by not putting out her books. "I have your books set aside in a special study carol," said Tom, "I did not want anyone else getting their hands on your books. Come with me, and I'll show you where they are." "Let's just hurry up with this," said Jane, "I've got hours of studying yet to do tonight." Tom led Jane into a small room in the back of the library. On the desk sat the books that she had requested. "I think you'll find that this is a much more conducive place for studying," said Tom, "You won't have as many distractions here." "I don't know why you didn't just tell me the books were here in the first place," said Jane, "Now just get the hell out of here. How do you expect me to study with you distracting me like this?" "Sorry Ma'am," said Tom as he shut the carol door. Tom left the room and went into the adjacent utility room. From that room, he could see Jane through the vent. He took out a small vial from his shirt, and then reached under the boiler to pull out an oxygen mask. He then smashed the bottle on the side of the wall next to the vent. Upon contact with air, the contents of the bottle turned into smoke which seeped through the vent into the carol where Jane was studying. "What the fuck?," said Jane as she noticed the smoke coming through the vent. It was the last thing she said however, as the fumes quickly overcame her and she passed out. When Jane awoke, it was several hours later. As she looked up from her daze, she saw Tom. "Wake up little Janey," said Tom, "You seem to have dozed off, the library's been closed for over an hour." "Dozed off?," said Jane, "There was some sort of smoke in here, I'm gonna sue the pants off of you and the whole library staff." "I don't think you'll be suing me, or anyone else for that matter, Janey," said Tom. "That was no ordinary smoke. It was a powerful drug that zapped that part of your brain that you might call your `free will.' From now on you will be at the mercy of anyone and everyone here. You will do anything that they ask you to do, no matter how humiliating. Otherwise, you will remain your usual disagreeable self." "What the hell are you talking about," said Jane, "I might feel a little groggy, but I'm in full command of my abilities. I am going to report you to the Chief Librarian." "I see that I'm going to have to demonstrate the full effects of this drug," said Tom, "Stand up!" Despite not wanted to follow Tom's orders, Jane stood up. "I was just about to get up and leave anyway," said Jane, trying to hide the fact that she couldn't resist Tom's request. "Oh, you will be leaving here soon," said Tom, "but probably not the way that you anticipate. Take off your clothes, Jane." "What! I'll have you up on charges," said Jane, "The very idea of even suggesting that will land you in jail mister!" As she spoke, she started to unbutton her blouse. "If you think for one second that I'm going to fall for your story, you're crazy!," said Jane as she removed her blouse and let her skirt fall to her feet. "You knock me out, and then try to convince me that I'm no longer in control of myself. What a laugh!," said Jane as she undid her bra and let her breasts spring into view. "There's as much chance of me taking off my clothes for you as there is me romping naked through campus," said Jane as she slid off her panties, leaving her totally naked. "I guess your mind doesn't know what your body is doing," said Tom, "Nice pair of tits you have there Janey." "How the hell would you know," said Jane. At that point, Jane looked down in horror and discovered her nakedness. "Oh my god, what have you done to me?!," said Jane as she tried to cover herself from Tom's intent gaze. "Me? I haven't done anything," said Tom. "You took your clothes off all by yourself. Put your arms to your sides and stop trying to cover up like that. In fact, why don't you turn around and model a bit for me." "You bastard!," shouted Jane as she slowly turned around to give Tom a better view of her body. "Why am I doing this?" "You do seem a bit more open to suggestions than usual," laughed Tom. "Let's go into the main part of the library, there's some people there waiting to see you." "What do you mean, you pervert," said Jane, as she followed Tom out of the carol and into the main section of the library where about ten people were sitting their awaiting her arrival. As Jane came into view, she was greeted by the hoots, hollers, and whistles of the men and women there. "It worked!," said Sam, another member of the library staff,"I can't believe that that stuff really worked!" "I'll have you all fired," screamed Jane. "Wait until the head librarian finds out about this!" "But I already know, my dear," said Sarah, the head of the law school library. "I've been fed up with your tantrums for some time. We sort of hatched this plot together. A friend of mine is trying to develop a drug that will help people to get more out of psychotherapy. The only problem with the drug seems to be a permanent side effect if large doses are administered. If the dosage is large enough, the drug actually permanently destroys the part of the brain that controls one's free will. Everything else remains the same, the person's personality and mind are left intact, yet they are very susceptible to doing whatever ANYONE asks of them. If my friend is correct, you are now at the mercy of everyone and anyone that asks you to do something. Let's test it out. Why don't you put on a little show for us. I want you to play with yourself in front of us." "This is all a bunch of nonsense!," said Jane, as her hand gravitated towards her pubic area. "You can't get away with this!" "Ah, but what are we getting away with, Janey darling?," said Sarah. "We haven't laid a hand on you, you're bringing all this on to yourself. Why don't you lie down on this table and spread your legs so everyone can watch as you rub your little clitty." "My god! This is sooo humiliating," sobbed Jane. "Please don't make me do this in front of all these people." "You didn't seem to mind humiliating my staff with your demands," said Sarah. "Why don't you cum for us now?" Jane started rubbing her clit faster and faster with one hand, and squeezed her breasts with her other hand. "No, no..let me stop, I'm cumming! Please, please, no more," said Jane as her body began going into the convulsions from her orgasm. "You bastards!, you'll live to regret doing this to me." "Like you regret treating everyone here like scum?," asked Sarah. "Alright, you can stop now, I have some other things I want to try out anyway." "Other things?!," cried Jane, "No, please, I'm sorry I treated all of you like I did. I'll be nicer in the future." "A little late for that Janey," said Sarah. "There isn't an antidote to the drug you've ingested. I'm afraid that we couldn't change what you've become even if we wanted to. Anyone else want to plant a suggestion in Jane's mind?" "I have an idea," said Sam. "I think you need a change in diet. From now on, you will be addicted to sperm. You will live for the taste of cum. They always say the best time to start a new diet is now. Why don't you sample some jism from my cock, Janey." With tears rushing down her face, Jane went over to Sam and undid his zipper and pulled out his cock. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it, intent on getting from him the nectar she was now addicted to. "Take your time, and watch those damn teeth," said Sam. "Otherwise, we'll turn you into a whore and make you screw the whole damn school." "Please, please cum for me, I need to have your sperm," said Jane. "This feels worse than an addiction to heroin." "OK, Janey, here it comes," said Sam as he squirted streams of cum into her mouth. Then, she rushed over to lick up a splotch of sperm that had missed her mouth and landed on the library floor. "Tasted good, eh?," laughed Sam, "Well, if you're nice to me, you can come to me for a fix anytime." "Well little girl, I guess we've had enough fun for one night," said Sarah, "But before you leave, I want to give you a little present that I had made for you. From now on, you'll wear it everyday." Sarah laughed as she held up a T-shirt that had, "Your wish is my command.." written across the front. "Put on your new T-shirt and your skirt and go on home," said Sarah, "I hope you get used to your new lifestyle soon." "I said your t-shirt and skirt!," said Sarah, as Jane started to don her panties, "Leave the rest of your clothing here." I'll figure out someway of beating this stuff," said Jane, "And when I do, watch out...I'll get even with all of you." "We shall see, my dear. We shall see," laughed Sarah. END OF PART 1


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History with me (Russia 2007)
16:50, 2009-Nov-19
The country has replaced sad labour everyday life with pseudo-elegance of a three-day November holiday, I because of a slight cold, kept the house and slowly collected on a table in expectation of visitors.
They have come after demonstration, about two days, to the end chilled, already drunk on a glass in a gate under a sandwich, and I have understood that it is necessary to put one more device - between two my friends there was a lady.
Without a pause have sat down to table and at once have accepted on a breast. After the first under ...... my friends have revived, after the second under ......... is noisy have cheered up, and after the third under pelmeni them has carried in heat as winter road under the spring sun, they have turned sour and, having recollected that them houses, ...... were tired of waiting.
- I spend them to the underground, I will look, that have passed, - it has said in low tones.
- Also come back... - I have offered.
While sat at a table and went together on kitchen, I have had time to estimate it. To it it was obvious for forty, but in that time of last colour when the woman - the berry again, that is is still fresh, besides she with taste has been dressed also the main thing, with fine sense of humour. She drank gradually, savouring, in conversation remained constantly attentive, and in actions tenderly precautionary.
I was strong more youngly it, but only with it have tasted all charm of autumn charm of a female maturity.
It has returned, as she has told, not one, and with a flask Armenian .......... that was very opportunely after ........ with pelmeni, we .......... on small with a candy, I have included the tape recorder, have got over on an ottoman and have beckoned it.
She has nodded according to and has undressed. Accurately "raz-oruzhilas" from earrings, rings and .............. on a chain, has hung up on a chair a jersey suit, has combined a black lacy combination. Has sat down on a chair and, extending and bending hardly .............. feet, has removed stockings. And the quiet blues only has decorated its striptease.
I have opened embraces, but it has disappeared in a bathroom and, having made a noise a shower, was in other appearance - wrapped from armpits in a terry towel which only just seductively covered a triangle.
And section me. In all it has appeared the Mistress. And smooth, as if a swan white over dark waters.
Has stroked and ............... knees... Hips... Has climbed a uvula in a navel pole... I and not ............. are however sensitive ................ my breast...
We long kissed it, I the hands shifted and moved apart to it buttocks, it was straightened also villages on my strut. And our driving was smooth, as in slow cinema. The mistress that was spread to almost twine rose in a lap and somehow time so is high that has lost contact to foamy Priapom...
It undertook its basis and... Has changed the purpose of its tendency. I have felt, as densely it has rested against an anus, has overcome entrance resistance
Also has got to close embraces of space new to. My eruption was enthusiastic and not lonely... The Mistress has not released my hero, and has replaced vertical position of movements of the basin with promotion of a mill millstone, has deeply sighed and has calmed down in my embraces...
She has regained consciousness, has given smacking kiss to me in a nose, has easily come off an ottoman, on the way from a bathroom Has glanced on kitchen, has slapped a door of a refrigerator and has brought ............. The cocktail of our kiss consisted of aroma of cognac and taste ............... with sugar.
I ................ her neck, shoulders, have tried to open its raincoat-on-lotentse, but it was not gave:
- It is not necessary, I... I hesitate... They at me such small, absolutely, as at the girl...
I all the same have persuaded her. Its breast has reminded me ........Princesses - difference consisted that dummies at the Mistress were, as two firm columns.
- It is impossible for me to go without a bra, - she has complained. - stick out, as carnations... And muzhiks are opened, think that I was got...
I impudently used columns as sugar candies, and it was gradually got.
- Unbearable... - it has cast away me on an ottoman, has turned on a stomach and has taken seat to me on feet. - Relax...
Nails of the hands the Mistress as the centipede, has passed on a neck, has gone down on shoulders to a back. From its legs a skin, being raised, ..... to a condition of the goose. The passed sites had blissful a rest, and the untouched virgin soil was scratched in expectation of the turn. "Centipede" has got lost in foothills of buttocks, the Mistress has lifted me on knees and its hot language has got into my anus. And hands it ironed my back which has begun to vibrate from tender luxury. Unbearable became also to me...
- My turn, - I have demanded and symmetry of our positions has mirror exchanged - already my language tickled its anus. At last, I was straightened and undertook Priapa ready to following round. The mistress herself has moved apart buttocks and it has softly entered between them.
All is deeper and deeper, on most there is no place... It has silently moaned and with such force has seized in catch a cold that the cloth was pulled together with star-shaped wrinkles to her hands. Already I lifted up upwards the arches of its buttocks, trying to get more deeply, and having understood that have reached a limit, strong undertook its hips...
Devastated, I faced it in a lap, Priap, gradually shrivelling, have left the subdued grounds and have powerlessly overhung headfirst. It was developed and has greedy dropped to it a mouth, absolutely unlike to the lady-akkuratistku.
Later, during our meetings I entered through a back gate of the Mistress to a garden of pleasures both lying on one side and standing, but evening of the first appointment has given to me one more strange pleasure - when I got on it on my hero literally, on TV there was a reporting on celebrations in my country and I felt the victorious superiority over smart fighters, and to demonstrators showed, than it is necessary to be engaged at least on holidays...


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